Since 2005, we have had the nerve to have a slogan that commits. Below, you can see how some of our customers experience the time savings and security of the system. In case you are curious, we would like to visit you and demonstrate the system on your own data.

About the Balance4u balancing system

Today, our system comes in various versions and below you can read more about the system and the versions that we are offering.

We currently have three versions of the system:
Systems 2, 3 and 4, where System 2 was developed before Systems 3 and 4.

All of the above-mentioned versions have the basic balancing principles and basic functionalities required.
All new customers are offered version 4, which is the latest and most simple version. In version 4, we have implemented the most elementary work procedure for the user. I.e. that several of the more advanced functions are hidden to the user. The user can, however, find these functionalities by clicking on “Advanced” in the system.

The reason for having login to the various versions is that we experience an aversion to changes with some of our customers.

If the customer does not wish to have a more recent version, we respect this and ensure that the preferred version is at the customer’s disposal.

System 2 is the first version where we have focused on a better graphic user interface than in previous versions.

System 3 was originally the fastest version, built in order to improve version 2.

System 4 has the same functions as System 3, but with an improved graphic user interface with simpler operation.


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