Balancing of credit cards

Balancing of credit cards is a growing work task. There is an increasing amount of card transactions and several types of cashing. Credit card balancing may be a long and demanding process, and the employee will spend a lot of time on checking. With Balance4u, you can minimize the time it takes to check the card transactions drastically, and you will thus have more time to go through the incorrect transactions or other major tasks.

Balance4u cooperates with i.a. Magasin and Tivoli, where we have optimized their balancing processes.

We have a close cooperation with Teller and Nets – where we import and process files for these two parties, so that our customers have a minimum amount of work to do.

Our solution can be adjusted to the needs of the specific customer and in cooperation with Teller.

Balance4u is a Danish company, founded by Michael Steffensen in 2005. We have specialised in balancing of bank accounts and other financial accounts by means of our web-based balancing system.

• Our primary group of customers have a large amount of transactions.
• We only have satisfied customers, who know that we are doing our utmost to solve their challenges.
• Many of our customers have been with us for several years.
• New customers are encouraged to contact present customers for references.